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Why You Should Write A Christmas Gift Guide

Every Christmas, people are looking for inspiration for Christmas presents. They want the perfect present that the recipients will love and enjoy for a long time to come. However, it can be hard to know what to buy people year on year. A Christmas gift guide on your blog, will help your readers and allow you to share some amazing products and businesses that you genuinely love.

A Christmas gift guide can be a great way to help your readers with their Christmas shopping as it will provide them with a variety of options to choose from. It will save them time as they will not have to go through many different websites or shops to find the perfect gifts. Choosing gifts from a gift guide can be as personalised as you want it to be and it shows that you care about your loved ones’ interests and needs.

By following these steps, you will be able to come up with the best gift guide ideas and create a Christmas gift guide that will make your followers festive shopping experience much easier.

Step 1: Research Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is on the way and we know what that means. We’ve got to start thinking about Christmas gifts and we’ve got to do it fast. If you’re like us, then you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential gift ideas. Narrowing the ideas down and making them specific to your niche will be really appreciated by your readers.

When writing your gift guide, you can use current trends to identify the most popular gifts. There are some obvious trends such as gadgets and toys. A little research brings up the new must-have items of the year.

Step 2: Use Your Knowledge of Your Readers and What They Want

Most importantly, use your knowledge of your loyal readers and serve your followers. Think about the needs of your reader demographic and tailor the gift suggestions to them. Stay true to your readers you want to help them, make the gift guide useful and specific for your niche. Suggest items you have experience with or items that you know have come highly recommended and you would use.

Your reader will be looking for gifts for different people of different ages. Use categories in your guide to help them navigate your article fast and quickly find the information they need. Categorise by age, interest or budget.

Step 3: Decide On The Type of Items You Want To Include in Your Christmas Gift Guide

Narrow your list of gifts down to include only the best in each category. You need enough gifts to give a good range of choices but not so many gifts that there is too much to look through.

Keep it personal with your readers, what are they really looking for? Engage with your followers on social media to gauge their interest in different areas. Set up polls to find out what your followers are looking for.

Look back at your posts from previous Christmases, what were your followers interested in and what did they want to see more of? Is it still the same now? Use their responses and this knowledge to help you pick categories and sub-categories and drill down on specifics. If you are using affiliate links, remember to disclose them.

Step 4: Organise Gifts into Categories on Your Gift Guide

Organising gifts into categories is a good way to help people find what they want easily. It’s also a nice way of visually categorising items on your gift guide. A short description of each category lets the reader know what they are going to get. So, here are the five categories that we organise our gifts into:





For Him or Her

Beauty: These are great gifts for the beauty lover in your life. From makeup to perfumes, these gifts will make anyone feel special. We have some great ideas for every type of person – so take a look!

Home: Whether you’re grabbing something for yourself or looking for the perfect present, these home-related gifts will give you some hints. From home decor to kitchen gadgets, there is something for everyone!

Outdoors: The adventurer in your life can be difficult to shop for, but we’ve got you covered. There are some great gift ideas that any adventurer would love. From a hammock to a hiking backpack, these outdoor gifts will make any adventurer happy.

Kids: If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect gift for the special children in your life, look no further than our gift guide for kids, full of fun and exciting toys. Kids of all ages will love to get one of these presents under their Christmas tree this year.

For Him or Her: What’s a better way to show your appreciation for the person you love than with a thoughtful gift? This gift guide will provide you with some great ideas for your holiday shopping.

Step 5: Promote Your Gift Guide on Social Media

Get the post out there, let everyone know it exists and how useful it is. Share it across all of your social media channels. You should utilise Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for optimal coverage. Include links, stories and posts to share different aspects of your gift guide. Let any subscribers on your email list know about your latest post too.

On social media, engage with accounts of the products included in your gift guide and include hashtags and links to products where appropriate. You may find the companies share your gift guide on their accounts too giving you more coverage.

Direct your traffic from social media to your gift guide on your blog. Engage with comments on your gift guide across all your channels. Take note of any feedback and use it to help you inform future gift guides.

Finally, enjoy writing those blog posts, we can’t wait to see them. Merry Christmas everyone.