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Sometimes we sit down at the computer with all the best will and enthusiasm, look at the screen, ready to write our content and dreaded writer’s block can hit. For those moments, a bank of ideas and starting points to read through can rekindle your inspiration and get the words flowing again.

In response to this, we’ve compiled a list of topics that can be used for this purpose, to help you choose your next blog post idea and write more brilliant content.

If you like to plan your content, our blog post starting points can help you plan and schedule your own posts weeks ahead of time. Knowing that you have a topic already planned into your schedule can take away the stress and urgency of writing to a deadline to add fresh posts.

Ideas to consider include events and celebrations coming up and seasonal changes. Consider your blog niche and what fits in well with your audience.

Blog Post Starting Points

  • St David’s day
  • Half term holiday ideas
  • Going back to school
  • Pancake day
  • World book day activity ideas
  • World book day costume ideas
  • World wildlife day
  • Lent
  • International women’s day
  • Barbie day
  • Pi day
  • St Patrick’s day
  • Global recycling day
  • Red nose day
  • World sleep day
  • Beginning of spring
  • World frog day
  • Shakespeare week
  • World poetry day
  • International day for action for seals
  • Tolkein day
  • Wear a hat day
  • Mother’s day
  • Craft activities
  • Beginning of British summertime
  • Piano day
  • Spring blossoms
  • Spring wardrobe
  • Spring cleaning
  • Declutter challenge
  • New life on the farm
  • Signs of spring
  • Baby animals
  • Bird spotting
  • Preparing for Easter
  • Spring decorations
  • Ideas for days out and about
  • Interesting walks nearby
  • Meal planning
  • Recipe ideas for springtime
  • How to use seasonal produce
  • Booking a holiday for later in the year
  • Gardening jobs in springtime
  • Exercising outdoors

Construct a Blog Outline and Get Writing

Did you find some inspiration? Did anything jump out at you? Your next step is to mind map what you want to say about the topic and do some research if you need to. Consider the type of blog post you want to write and use this to construct your blog outline with headers, paragraphs, images, internal and external links. When I have my headers and paragraphs planned I find that I stay on track as I write, it’s as if I’m filling in the gaps in my post.

Most importantly, enjoy the writing process, there’s nothing like writing when you’re in full flow about a topic that you are interested in and enjoy.