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Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Blog Title

I believe that the main purpose of a blog is to grow your audience and help them find valuable information.

The title of your blog is the one thing that will be used to promote it. It needs to convey the content and what it offers and also make readers want to click on it.

There is a lot of research on how people read and what makes for a good title. A short descriptive title will grab the attention of your audience.

If you want to create a viral post, choosing an appropriate title is crucial.

Here are some tips to consider for choosing a good blog title:

  1. Match or link the name to the domain name. The blog name and domain do not have to be the same but they should relate to each other. When starting a brand new blog you will need to see if the domain you want is available to buy. You may need to be flexible and creative with your domain name.
  2. Keep the blog title short but catchy.
  3. Create curiosity by including numbers, question marks, or suspense words like “How-To” or “Tips.”
  4. Consider the purpose of your blog, the title should be specific about the content you’re going to share and make sense with your content.
  5. Keep it familiar and easy to spell.
  6. Avoid overused expressions that will eventually lose their value.
  7. Introduce your blog’s topic in a catchy way.
  8. Pick a title that reflects your niche or area of expertise.
  9. Choose a title that is short, but descriptive, easy to remember and easy to Google.
  10. It should have keywords and phrases that are relevant to your blog’s subject matter, but not too long or unique.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of tips to consider here but do not be overwhelmed. After consideration of all of the above, go with what feels right and is the best fit for your blog. Personally and most importantly I would choose a name that you like as you will be using it a lot as you work on your blog. Blogs can become a labour of love for their creators, is your blog name a name that you love?